Friday, August 22, 2014

Reading quest text

I downloaded the Warlords beta finally.

Orgrimmar keeps crashing, but that's not really unexpected. I had to set up my controls about six times though because I kept failing to /reload after updating my options.

I made a "Tanaan Jungle" premade 90 because I'm curious about what this modern tutorial looks like, choosing Druid; a class I've not played since early Wrath. Also because was down so I couldn't copy a live toon.

As soon as I logged in I got a huge spash screen giving me the option to accept a breadcrumb quests to get to Tanaan. I was instructed me to speak with Khadgar in the Blasted Lands

While I try to figure out why the quest text I’m reading is telling me to meet an NPC on the other side of the world the game crashed again.

Half of me says that modern quests never ever include that much manual travel, the other half tells me I'm being a retard for not just following the quest text because why the fuck would the quest text specifically direct me to an NPC in a place on the opposite side of the world if this was not the place I was supposed to go. I checked my map and the quest objective marker is clearly there in Blasted Lands.

The first thing I tried was the Orgrimmer portal to Blasted Lands, which it turned out has been changed to go to the other side of the Dark Portal.

I had reached Draenor at last! Though I had apparently arrived too late-- the planet had been destroyed and seemed to be crawling with level 60 demons. Not to mention Amy had aged 36 years and refused to let me save her.

I tried the Dark Portal in what is now called Hellfire Peninsula, but it's now just a gigantic demonic sparkly blackish-greenish solid wall that does absolutely nothing. Though helpfully the dimensional gateway I had arrived through from Orgrimmar apparently allowed two-way travel.

I feel like we've come to that point in a long-running series where the writers have stopped caring about the rules that defined older storylines. Now the public service magi in our capital cities can easily break through the dimensional walls just like how Medivh did while he was corrupted and possessed by the god Sargeras.

So I went back to Orgrimmar, hit a crash once more while waiting for the Grom'gol zeppelin to take me to Eastern Kingdoms, flew across the continent to Blasted Lands, down to the quest marker on my map to find not Khadgar but a swarm of elites that mobbed me until I died.

Now I was getting annoyed.

I hearthed back to Orgrimmar. Apparently I should have known better than to read and follow the quest text instead of spamming whatever channel is at hand demanding someone else take their time to explain exactly how to play the game. An extremely helpful person in trade informed me that betas are supposed to have bugs but that was the extent of the advice.

Then the game crashed again.

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