Friday, April 30, 2010

I can do better.

I finally did it. I've toyed with the idea, internally, of starting a blog about WoW for a while now, as a preferable alternative to boring the people I know in person about it.

As usual the impetus for actually taking this step was a response to seeing what other people have done and thinking I can do better.

The reaction I've seen from several bloggers over the proposed changes to raiding in Cataclysm has severely disappointed me. People who I'm sure consider themselves intelligent, rational people devolving into crying children, paralysed by the fear of change, assuming that the world they knew is doomed. And most annoyingly, coming to the most ridiculous conclusions about what will happen in a future system which has not even been fully realised yet, without offering any kind of supporting argument.

So this is my blog. More specifically this is an introductory post. In a moment I'll put up some words I composed yesterday which give my opinion on the aforementioned changes, including a bit of background on my own raiding experience.

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  1. Keep plugging away - Opinionate! and they will come. ( as will some trolls)