Friday, March 25, 2011

Solo RPing

Hunter is level 82. Two more Northrend Spirit Beasts tamed and ticked off the list, leaving only Loque'nahak, who I've yet to so much as sight. Hunting them down been a really compelling and fun experience, and though I know I'm essentially making educated guesses based on spawn timers and taking a wormhole to Northrend to do a sweep every 4-6 hours -- a very game-y system, for me it feels like the essence of what being a Hunter is about; patiently and persistently tracking my elusive prey over a course of days, perhaps weeks. And the most tantalisingly elusive prize of all, the Time-Lost Proto Drake, is out there somewhere.

In related news, I'm back to questing as Survival, since BM is boring as all hell.


  1. No, actually I'm pretty sure Hunters are too. I read it in Trade.