Monday, May 2, 2011

Progression yay!

Killed Nef for the first time twice this week, with each of my raids. Seems like a few raids got him down this week, actually. Post-nerf for the win, I guess.

The one I tanked for was definitely the more satisfying of the two kills. Finally getting the hang of the Shadowflame waltz [move, 2, 3, move, 2, 3...] was incredibly satisfying, helped to a massive degree by some uberpro add management in first phase leaving a very neat pile for me to sweep up in phase three. Looking back it's difficult to see what exactly was so hard about that fight in the first place. =P

But it's nice to finally join the cool kids in their defense of a shattered world, and in the case of my Guild-exalted toon, ride that shiny new mount which is probably going to be awesome for at least a few months before everyone else has one. [Though I did say the same thing about "Kingslayer" a while back, which seemed to take a lot longer than I expected to become common.]

I find the irony interesting that the two characters which have this prestige are the ones I have little reason to run around with outside of raids, so I don't really get much of an opportunity to show it off. Dammit, I need those random pugs to recognise my awesomeness on sight, not just see another Huntard the Patient in BoEs who can't adjust his camera without pulling a boss.

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