Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You call this archaeology?

The mount collection continues. One hundred and seventeen, and counting.

Spent a bunch of time Archaeologising yesterday, turning the 50 or so Tolvir Heiroglyphs I'd collected from the AH over the last few months into six or seven Canopic Jars [which I would have been over the moon about if I'd gotten them back when I was an Alchemist] and a whole shitload of vendor trash. Sigh@ RNG.

But still, I've made some progress, and Tol'vir spawns should be significantly more frequent now that I have no Night Elf or Troll rares left to discover. Though I think I'll still wait and save up some more Heiroglyphs before I start on that grind again. Spending gold is far more efficient for me than spending time.

Zin'rokh and Tyrande's Favourite Doll were the aforementioned last two rares. These 359 epics were pretty hot shit about a year ago, but as of this current patch are only really useful for the first few Heroic dungeons on a fresh 85. I can only hope that they end up doing what they did for the level 60, 70 and 80 archaeology heirlooms and lower the level requirements so that they are not totally useless when this expansion is over.

Still, Zin'rokh is a pretty fucking cool model, and I look forward to an opportunity to transmog it. Hm... I wonder if it could be applied to heirloom gear. Do you need to be able to use an item to apply it as a transmog? Probably, I guess.

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