Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A bit more on Diablo III

I posted this as a comment on another blog, but I thought it was a relevant enough point that I should copy it here.

I feel that Blizzard was extremely coy about revealing that this game doesn’t just require an Internet connection as a DRM and anti-hacking protection, it’s a game played completely online, with downtime and server queues and lag. For Australians who have to connect to a servers on another continent, that last point is a very big deal.

I played the beta for hours and somehow missed this fact until launch day. To be honest I do feel betrayed– I feel that I was mislead about the product that I was “purchasing” [I am an Annual Pass member]. Were this a disc product that I had bought in a store I could take it back for store credit, but as it was ostensibly free I guess all I can do is be very disappointed in Blizzard, and to be more careful about what exactly I’m buying next time they try to sell me something.

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