Wednesday, June 27, 2012

epeen > goldsinks

Speaking of mounts, Blizzard caved yesterday to intense forum whining to make goldsink mounts account-wide. Because clearly this is something that players both need and deserve; clearly the fact that they're letting us use 98% of our mounts on multiple characters without having to earn them separately is an insult, Blizzard, an insult, unless we also get that last 2%.

I mean it made a lot of sense to me that they would be left off; the only barrier to obtaining them on any of your characters is easily grindable gold, so they're essentially already available on all your characters [you don't even need to earn it on the character in question]. Plus many people [myself included] have spent this gold multiple times on multiple characters for apparently no benefit, and while I myself can shrug off the wasting of an amount in the tens of thousands of gold without bitching about it, I'm sure there many, many players spent a long, long time working to earn those mounts on multiple characters. I can only assume the devs will end up adding some mechanic to make it up to these people.

In the end it's neither here nor there, really. I already bought all the goldsink mounts on my Warrior anyway, a second time in some cases. Yay I get to summon a Mammoth on my levelling toons. That would be a nice convenience if I spent much time levelling.

Just for god's sake don't deny players their rightful epeen. They will fight tooth and nail for that thing.

Actually if I've learned anything from this it's to wonder whether my views [as a player who doesn't hate everything] are not being properly represented if I'm not whining about what I deserve on the forums. I guess the flipside to that is that I worry if I actually read the forums I'd end up killing myself because god dammit those things are lose-faith-in-humanity depressing.

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