Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Patch time!

Next week will see WoW version 5.0.4 go live, a patch which has been confirmed to include all the annoying "I have to re-learn my class again?!" changes of the expansion and almost none of the cool new features.

I'm mainly excited about all the unintended consequences of this patch. At this point there are so many unknowns! What classes will be end up ridiculously overpowered? What classes will break completely? Which classes will be 5% behind the curve in throughput and therefore declared to be worthless now? Will Heroic Dragon Soul become facerollable, or extremely facerollable? Will Warlocks legitimately be able to tank-- and how overpowered will that end up being?

Will we really be able to buy a pet, add it to our account-shared collection, then sell it on another realm?

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