Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog entry for Tuesday 20th November

I've noticed my WoW playtime has seen a significant reduction recently. Mainly I just feel like I have nothing to do in the game. I honestly can't tell whether I genuinely dislike Golden Lotus daily quests or if all that time I spent hating the obligation to do them has just poisoned me against them. I like the Klaxxi stuff but as I'm already Revered I'd prefer to wait until double rep is patched in to do more of that. Crafting is boring, and I haven't even logged into my auction mule in the better part of a week.

Maybe I'm "getting over" WoW. Maybe I'm one of those people for whom Cataclysm was made, so when a million people said it was the worst expansion ever they stopped making the game that I liked and started making a game that revolves around daily quests and trivial random-group content.

Maybe I'm falling into that same trap of entitlement that I find so infuriating to read about.

I'm wondering if a goal would help. Maybe it's time to "go for goldcap" as those wankers on the gold blogs say. I've been sitting on a bunch of investment items for some time now.

I plugged in Ocarina of Time on Sunday. I played this game to death when I was a teenager, and I am honestly amazed how much it still stands up today as a pinnacle of atmosphere and exploration gameplay. That game is a fucking achievement.


  1. Ocarina of Time was genius. Did you play Majora's Mask as well? If you shoot for acquiring all of the masks, you're in for a long and amazing ride. Some of the sidequests related to the hunt of masks feel, to this day, much more engaging than your typical CRPG quests.

    Regarding WoW - maybe it doesn't work for you, but for me, what did it was the roleplaying. Have you ever thought about joining an rp server? No goals, just experiencing the world, its stories, and the stories crafted by yourself and other players around you. It is not for everybody, but if you're interested in it, I can help you orientate in this new world; give me a shout!

    Milady @ hypercriticism.net

  2. I did play Majora's Mask when it came out. Unfortunately I was going through a pretty major depression at the time and I found the game's subject matter affected me a bit too much. One day I'm sure I'll go back and finish it.

    I really like RP as a concept, I'm just not sure I have the brain for it-- my brain likes clear goals, structure and rules, so has a hard time grokking RP.

    I actually do play on an RP realm, Feathermoon. My partner is in one of those elitist RP guilds, and gets very excited any time I talk about my chracters' backstories or motivations.

    1. Sounds like an excellent opportunity to check out RP then! I'd suggest you start easy, concerning yourself with just your character and letting the other person work out the overarching story; that's how I usually introduce gamers to RP.

      Oh, and you can certainly have structure and goals in your RP, in the form of a point in the story where you want to get. I don't really do any spontaneous RP like hanging out in a tavern, all that I do is related to a major story. That's structure for you :).

      Keep in touch and tell us if you've found new goals in your games. Cheers!

  3. I think Ocarina of Time is probably the best game ever made. I enjoy it every time I play it, no matter how old it gets, and the story is exciting, no matter how many times I see it.

    As for wow, I am in the same boat. I don't mind all these dailies, just give us another way to get the same bonuses...like maybe 10 lesser elder charms per dungeon or scenario...or a dungeon/heroic quartermaster that sells the same JP/VP gear, but that you have to do x amount of dungeons/scenarios to unlock. That way, I could play the way I want, and still progress the way that daily players get to.