Saturday, November 15, 2014

Angry ranting

I really wish Blizzard would stop selling more than they're capable of delivering.

I paid for this expansion six months ago. I paid for my current subscription time in July. This is not the way I expect to be treated after handing over that much money, that far in advance.

Did we not know what was going to happen on launch day? The same thing that happens on EVERY FUCKING LAUNCH DAY?

Okay great, you convinced a million ex-WoW players to resubscribe. Pat on the fucking back. I'm sorry I didn't threaten to unsubscribe enough for you to care enough about my experience.


  1. So you paid up-front months in advance and you knew what would happen on launch day because it happens every time and yet you're still whinging about it. Doesn't sound like constructive QQing to me.

    1. Are you still angry at me for proving that you are homophobic and sexist?

  2. I'm not just homophobic and sexist. I'm misogynistic, racist, a vandal, a facist, a bigot, a denier, a victimizer, an intolerant oppressor, and probably a Nazi to boot.