Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sexism, society, and political superheroes.

Could it be that younger women tend to be smarter because they have an easy way of socialising with older men?

I swear this idea isn't coming out of a sexist interpretation of reality; our society is literally sexist in this way. Because men have the majority of power, what they value in sexuality becomes de facto valuable to the society. I can easily imagine that in a female-dominated society we'd see a lot more twinks running around and serving as eye candy for the women in charge. But then those same young men would probably have to work twice as hard to be "taken seriously" in a world where the powerful are virtually blinded by their sexuality.

Maybe the lesson here is: women with power should be allowed to get theirs. Sex makes the individual more powerful because of the relationship it creates. But more than that, sex equalises people. We're all the same when we're naked and rubbing against each other.

My two favourite movies recently have been X-Men Apocalypse and Captain America Civil War. I think both of these films are spectacular achievements; the epitome of what superhero movies are and should be in 2016. JJ Abrams wishes he could do what Bryan Singer or the Russo brothers can do.

I understand it's an autistic thing; watching the same movie over and over. We easily obsess over anything complex enough that we can continue to learn from it. Video games are the same. Give me a complex system and I will learn the fuck out of it until I'm satisfied I have an effective grasp of the subject. Then I'll get bored until I find the next interesting thing.

Civil War is about government oversight and the rights of the individual to wield power. Captain America becomes a criminal because the government is more concerned with controlling him than trusting in his goodness. Good people end up at war with each other because they can't agree on what a peaceful society should look like. Cough congress.

X-Men Apocalypse is about extremism and the radicalisation of good people. Apocalypse is a terrorist.

Magneto's story is the central narrative in my opinion. He tries to live as a human but his compassion for others ends up "outing" him, leading to his society turning on him and creating the situation where Apocalypse was his only ally. Similarly with Apocalypse's generals, all powerful but socially downtrodden people granted self-actualisation simply by having a cause, any cause, to put their extraordinary abilities into.

Also I think some of the mutants might be gay.

But I still feel like both of these movies have story threads that I've yet to pick up on. I'll probably watch them a few times more at least before I get bored.

If anyone reading this has anything to add I'm interested in hearing it.


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