Monday, December 6, 2010

Intellect shmintellect.

I rolled a Dwarf Warlock on the weekend. I know the quests are easy for the most part, but as long as I remember to read the quest text, follow the storylines and revel in the fantastic ambience of the game I always have fun playing.

The disappointing thing about playing a lowbie warlock is how ridiculously underpowered it is. I should say at this point that I'm playing on a foreign server, without heirlooms or any external cash supply, but I did the same thing with a Hunter last week on a different brand new server and could still faceroll just about everything.

In a way it's nice for the sake of a challenge, especially going into the mines in Eastern Dun Morogh where the mob density was enough to provide several very hairy accidental pulls. It's been a long time since I felt this acutely squishy, and being forced to play well to succeed is exactly what I want from a game.

On the other hand, going into an RFC run and pushing out my rotation as hard as I could and still producing less damage than the Pally tank on most pulls-- That's just frustrating.

I had really hoped that the stat changes would make low-level casters more powerful now that they can actually obtain real DPS stats, and it's really disappointing to see the lowbie-OP staples of paladin and hunter continue to dominate without even trying.

I remember very early in the Cata alpha low-level caster mobs were ridiculously overpowered due to the int change causing them to "double dip" on spell power stats. Why couldn't we have that? Just for like a week before they hotfix it? Just would really like to see the low-level balance pendulum swing the other way for once.