Monday, April 18, 2016

Life is a joke, so make sure you're in on it.

Crossing the line. Breaking the barrier. This is powerful. You have boundaries to what you see yourself as capable of. When you break one of these barriers, you grow as a person.

To meaningfully break a barrier is probably one of those things that gets progressively harder to achieve the more space one inhabits within ones understood universe. There must be a decision to be made about whether to focus on growing yourself or growing the size your universe.

I feel like I learn more about humans from watching their mating behaviour than from anything else. 

It's the same joke over and over. The joke was that we thought it wasn't all about sex. 

I think I figured out the meaning of the female orgasm. It's meaningless. Pleasure for pleasure's sake. They can do it as much or as little as they feel like. Men can make no claim to this lack of function. All we do must serve the one true purpose. We live to die. Or to kill. Or to be the one that survives? We um, we go home and fuck the prom queen. Yeah, that sounds right.

This is the most fundamental difference between women and men; the climax. Freedom and responsibility. Progress and conservatism. Pointlessness and Death. Life is the thing that creates space in between these universal concepts. The fact that space exists is less interesting than the shapes that the space creates.

People say women are less funny than men. Well, they aren't. Except for that in reality they are. But you have to understand that in a historical context blah blah blah see this is why; in a universe where nothing exists independent of context, everything is connected with everything else, except for in the ways that they aren't.

That was the punchline.