Saturday, May 21, 2016

I'll just be ice, floating through space, like a comet.

I got around to reactivating my WoW subscription for 50k of my gold. Seems like our inflation is finally back. Well done on that guys. It explains their decision last year when the price was 20k to restrict the amount of time you can buy to a year's worth.

I'm playing a Shaman again, just doing some levelling, that being the only type of content that is not repetitive as fuck. I mean sure I've done it all before, but only about a dozen times unlike everything in the current endgame content which is probably closer to three or four times that number.

I wonder how typical this pattern of activity is among WoW players. Does this make me more "casual" or more "hardcore"? Or do we all already know how meaningless those words have become.

When I get enthusiastic about a class I always start thinking about playing it in a competitive raid. But since every single thing that can be changed in the next expansion is being changed in the next expansion -- fucking again -- I must remind myself that the game I'm currently playing will only sort-of exist a few months from now, and again realise that nothing actually matters because not even the creators of this world seem to give a flying fuck about its ongoing consistency.

I just want to feel like I can care about something again without having to wonder whether anyone else does.